We are professional male and female naturist Tantra and Erotic massage therapists and yoga trainers based in 2 different towns. One is in Playa del Ingles and the other massage centre is in the capital Las Canteras, Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain.

Both massage and yoga service is provided where both the client and therapist is nude. 


Our therapists are from 20 to 40 years old, licensed and ITEC qualified, fit, looking after their health and ready to relieve your stress and muscle pain.


Both male and female masseurs /masseuses and nude yoga trainers available.

Here is our address in Playa Del Ingles, Maspalomas on Google Maps


Areas covered by us:

All major towns in Gran Canaria

Playa Del Ingles, Maspalomas, Las Palmas, Puerto Rico, etc.


To make a tantric massage booking please WhatsApp us on +34617143351 or email  nudemassagecanaria@gmail.com

The Tantra Erotic Massage Playa del Ingles Maspalomas Gran Canaria Group has over a decade of experience in the research and practising of Tantra, tantric erotic massage Playa Del Ingles the sacred sexual arts and sensual healing, the merging and entwining of modern-day knowledge with ancient eastern wisdom. Tantra is a beautifully sacred ancient art form that unites sexuality with spirituality through a divine transformation that unfolds within a deeply loving Tantric union. A tantric erotic massage in Maspalomas weaves together all the pieces of our life, the spiritual puzzle of our existence, honouring existence, and acknowledging our true nature in a sacred and loving way.

A journey into Tantra through Tantra Erotic Massage Playa del Ingles Maspalomas Gran Canaria opens channels of awareness. We are accustomed to using our five senses and relying on these as a boundary for reality.

Tantra helps us align ourselves from within on a higher frequency. We know there is more than the eyes can see or the ears can hear, as we know we are created by atoms, we cannot see the atoms or the energy that binds them together. Our eyes are limited by viewing between infrared and ultraviolet light but we know there are prisms of light bouncing all around us. Our ears can hear a tiny decibel of the range they cannot hear the noise of a dog whistle and many noises animals can hear.

So there are other forms of life, other frequencies, energies and evolved consciousness forms, we just need to open ourselves up to accessing these and evolve from our physical plain.

A highly developed intense pleasure sensation. A tantalising massage experience that will leave no stone unturned. From your head to your toes, a smooth massage experience, incorporating body to body to bring you closer to ecstatic pleasure.

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  • Tantra Erotic Massage Maspalomas

Tantra Erotic Massage Playa del Ingles Maspalomas

34 Av. de Gran Canaria San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Playa del Ingles,

35100, Gran Canaria, Spain

Phone +34617143351 also available on WhatsApp

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